Blacksburg Case Study

Blacksburg Map Dickenson Craig Blacksburg Cumberland Louisa King and Queen Northampton Accomack Blacksburg was not studied as part of 'Getting Rural Virginia Connected.' However, Blacksburg's community network, Blacksburg Electronic Village, formed the conceptual and physical model this project was based on. This document contains some highlights of that model and what we tried to accomplish in participating counties.

Goals of Blacksburg Electronic Village

BEV is an outreach effort of Virginia Tech, one of two land grant public universities in Virginia. BEV is based entirely on the Internet. Our goals are:

BEV Milestones

Blacksburg has broken new ground in many areas of networking and technology use. Some examples include:

"The Very First Steps"

Create a community website.
Provide web hosting for community and civic groups.

These two services are within the reach of every community, no matter how small. Creating a public space in cyberspace for the community is critical to begin a community dialogue on the next steps.
- From BEV Community Network Briefing Book, 2001

These were two key elements of Getting Rural Virginia Connected.

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