Craig Map Dickenson Craig Blacksburg Cumberland Louisa King and Queen Northampton Accomack From your perspective, what were the program's greatest strengths, contributions, and successes?

'The greatest strengths were the support from Virginia Tech, and specifically from Robert. He was very professional, always well prepared and did an excellent job. Also, the leadership from Deborah Snead was critical.

'The project pulled together BEV staff and the citizens of Craig County that were interested and had expertise in expanding technology to discuss common goals. The project helped to market technology as a critical need that needed addressing within the County. The BEV staff became involved in our TLT on the local level and helped with ideas and training. BEV staff provided expertise in assisting with local and on site workshops. The project helped us get back in a 'technology mode' as a team to continue working on establishing a framework for helping citizens in the community and in establishing or maintaining a business to enhance income for individuals and economic development for the County.

'The TLT members and community leaders who have volunteered to be 'e-leaders' have been the best in the world - the cream of the crop in our County!'

Craig Highlights

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