Project Impact

We estimate that approximately 30,675 individuals have benefited directly or indirectly from this effort because it has the potential to benefit residents in all participating counties who access the Internet. We arrived at this figure (30,675) by using the following process:

  1. Took the US Census Bureau's estimate for the 2003 population of each county - Craig, Cumberland, Dickenson, King and Queen, Louisa. We didn't use Accomack or Northampton numbers since they chose to use the Eastern Shore Virginia Portal for their community networks and we didn't set up their community networks.
  2. Subtracted the population under 5 (too young to use or benefit from the information)
  3. Multiplied it by 50% as the Internet Usage rate for rural localities. We deliberately used an Internet Usage rate lower than the Internet usage rates in rural America estimated by NTIA (52 %) and Pew Charitable Trust (54%) in order to be conservative in coming up with these numbers.
  4. Added the numbers for all participating counties.

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